I am not against writing tributes to departed friends and loved ones. I have even discovered lately, that for a lot of people, it helps in their healing process. The act of capturing memories and putting them down helps people find some kind of release.

But now, this is what I have a problem with – Waiting till someone is dead before you shower praises on him or celebrate his virtues.

A huge percentage of people suffer low self-esteem. Many of them have been repeatedly “reminded” how much a failure they have always been, how useless they are and how unlovable they could ever be. Every day, people wake up to a bland world. A world where no family member ever sends a text to say, “I miss your beautiful smile around here. I miss the wonderful meals you cook and I can’t wait to have you visit again” A world where no friend ever calls to say, “I just want to thank you for bringing so much sunshine to my life.”

People live their lives uncelebrated and unappreciated and we wonder why there’s so much negative attitude around us.

If we find expressing affection and appreciation to our family and friends mushy, why do we then write very emotional tributes when they die? Why write, “I love you, daddy” on your father’s burial brochure if you never felt it necessary to tell him you loved him while he was alive?

Dead people don’t hear or see. They don’t feel love and acceptance. They can’t smile or giggle or blink in ecstasy. Let’s celebrate living people more.

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