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  • Dream come true


      Getting a Master’s degree is not news. Graduating with a distinction is not news, either. However, the story around everyone’s achievement is peculiar. This journey was undertaken at a critical…

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    Two days ago, I moved from the hostel—a place I had called home for roughly forty-four weeks. The thought of packing up and setting out for another phase of my life…

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    LOVE By My Own Rules

    When I began to bloom and my eyes betrayed the butterflies that thoughts of a man trapped in my belly, friends and loved ones reeled off the rules. “Do not love…

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    Like A Brother To Me (Part 3)

    “I hope your mascara is tear-proof. I don’t trust the bride to hold back her customary tears during the vows o.” That was Ezinwanne, one of my bridesmaids, talking to the…

  • Lifestyle

    Love Over Envy

    When my younger sister gained admission into the university, I had just graduated and was awaiting NYSC posting. The admission list that contained her name was released when lectures had gone…