No Format For Miracles

It’s not every miracle that’ll happen when pastor anoints your forehead and you feel an inexplicable sensation.

Sometimes, it happens when you bump into a childhood friend at the shopping mall. He’s now in his finals in medical school. You’re glad he’s living his dreams and grin in your characteristic manner. He observes there’s something odd about those eyes he fell in love with in SS 1. There at the mall, the long journey to the rather elusive diagnosis is ended.

Sometimes, it happens when you lose your job. They said they were shedding because of the current economic situation in the country. Just a month after, the mental illness you’ve battled for a long time begins to disappear. Unknown to you, it was your toxic workplace that triggered it in the first place.

Sometimes, it happens when your car suddenly malfunctions and you have to get on a bus to church. You overhear two gossiping women talk about how a certain diet regimen ruined their friend. You realize that the recurring symptoms you’ve been having are just effects of the food you’ve been eating.

It’s up to us to pray and believe. God is His own adviser and He’ll handle it the way He feels best.

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