Na My George I Drop For Jesus

Today na Palm Sunday. E sweet my bele well well when I hear say Jesus dey come jolly ride for my area. Since the time wey me and Jesus meet the first time, we don dey pally. I don take my eyes see say na im be the real Messiah. Upon say na im be the Messiah, I never hear nor see where im dey do gra gra for anybody.

As im dey pass my area today, people commot from them  church, house, market, even some people wey dey shit for toilet no finish sef, run from toilet make them hail am. Some dey clap dey shout Hossana in the highest. Henry and those im friends wey tall like iroko rush the palm tree wey dey that side. Them commot the leaves, dey share am to them friends. All of them come dey drop the leaves for ground make the horse wey carry Jesus march for am.

The time wey I see say Jesus don dey reach my side, na im I carry my gele give Jemimah, my pikin, make she help me drop that one first. I come remove the up layer of the george wrapper wey I tie for waist drop am for ground. Mama Nkiru just dey clap dey look me with one eye. For her mind, I know say she go dey think if I don kolo. I no blame her sha; the gele wey I drop na the latest design wey Madam Toronto just carry come back. I never pay the installment finish but that one no concern me.

The george wrapper na 250 000 Naira I buy am. Some of the women for our area dey jealous that wrapper well well.

I know say you wey dey read this story go dey wonder, wetin send this woman sef, abi she don dey craze? The thing wey Jesus don change for my life boku. Before I meet am last year, I been dey gossip FULL TIME (no think say I dey gossip part time now because that kind thing no dey my agenda again). All the women that time sabi say, “if Mama Jemimah never talk am, no say that thing never happen.”

Another thing be say me and Papa Jemimah been dey fight well well before. Me, I no dey tolerate, I no dey accommodate at all at all. That day wey Jesus tell me say im don forgive my sin kpata kpata, I reach house, hug Papa Jemimah, greet am, “Honey, good evening.” The man faint! (make laugh no kill me here ooo). Since that time reach now, na so so “Honey? Yes, Sugar” dey reign for our house.

The things still boku but the last wey I wan tell una be say, before that time, I no dey pray. How person go pray when im never gossip finish. Na Jesus wey teach me how I go dey pray. Since I begin dey do serious prayer, everything for my life don dey arrange.

As I dey go house now, if Papa Jemimah like, make im vex, rake me why I carry my expensive george drop for Jesus. I go just kiss am, remind am say na because of Jesus, I begin dey kiss am, dey respect am for house. I no go shout, I no go fight because the thing wey Jesus don do for my life, NA FOR LIFE!!!

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