While at the canteen, I struck up a conversation with one of my classmates. I intended to find out why I had not seen him in the hostel for a few days. He went beyond answering my questions to explaining circumstances around his movement to a new apartment and then, he began to ask me questions.

I don’t know if it had to do with the fact that we just ended a class on Critical Thinking but I found that his questions were deep. To give a response to each of them, I had to take a breath, consider an appropriate response and articulate my words before speaking. He made me introspect and to, in turn, give answers to myself.

It’s World Mental Health Day today and I find this experience I just had very significant. To help our minds stay alert and in sync with our daily lives, we sometimes need to ask ourselves uncomfortable questions. We need to constantly use the responses to those questions to clear the clutter in our heads.

What do we think of ourselves?

Why have we chosen a particular course of study?

How do we intend to achieve a set goal?

Who do we think is responsible for certain ideologies we have formed over the years?

Do we think what we’re currently pursuing is just a passing phase or are we passionate enough to keep at it for as long as it should last?

The human mind is a powerful thing. Kept healthy and viable, it can achieve the incredible. Just as we exercise our bodies, we need to exercise our minds regularly for optimal performance.

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