About Me

I am Chisimchere Chukwu.
Thinking about a few names which have been used to describe me in the past is a difficult task on its own, but I will try:

– An art lover,
– A deep thinker,
– Witty and beautifully eccentric,
– Inwardly adventurous.

I’m human – which means I’ve got flaws: some I know about, others I get told. ?
…And there is a compendium of experiences which have created a worldview that is distinct, intense and human.

I started writing when I was little – to be candid, I can’t recall the exact year – and this has continued.

I understand the tremendous effort and attention required to read more than five sentences of anything, so I try to be original and hence, in a unique way, paint and convey my innermost thoughts in not too many words.

This blog is the hut where I share the meal of what my opinions and thoughts are, which have been provoked by keen observation. So, hopefully, you’ll find them engaging and edible! ?
…Be Inspired.