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Lessons When My Hair Went Down

A month ago, I cut my hair. The reactions I have got from people have been dramatic, from funny to outright disgusting. Just like most actions I have taken, I find the same life lessons playing out:

Not everyone deserves an explanation. The questions will come. Some will be out of concern, some will be out of curiosity. Some will ask politely, some will sound derogatory. It’s up to you to choose who gets a sincere and detailed explanation or who gets a sarcastic and dismissive response.

People aren’t always sure where they belong and opinions are fickle. The same guys who tease women for carrying plots of land on their head in the name of weave-on and hair extensions are complaining that without hair, I look stern and come across as too independent to submit. Spending time at the salon every weekend makes you appear too vain and probably extravagant and unfit to be a prudent wife. Having no hair to pamper and spend time on makes you appear too plain, almost masculine and nonchalant about the details of being feminine.

The second time I went to get a haircut, I let sentiments have the better of me. My preferred barber was still working on a customer’s hair when his colleague finished and called me to come over for my hair-cut. I went forward and sat down with my heart beating fast. I wanted to tell him I was waiting for the other guy but no, the over-sensitive side of me was worried that it would sound somehow. Zam-zam! My hair was down below what it should have been. The style I had is something that looks like Anita Baker so there should have been a gradual flow from the back to the front and from the sides too. This guy was heading towards a Mohawk style. My day was almost ruined, ndi bee anyi. Thank God for Relaxer and activator gel that helped cover up that goof for two weeks.

So, if you ever meet me and catch me doing something I have encouraged others to live above, please help me. Draw my attention. The physician falls ill too and sometimes, doesn’t remember his own prescriptions to other patients.



Whenever I return to making my hair, I’ll miss watching the look on the faces of the men sitting in the barbershop whenever I walk in. I realised today that I come looking tomboyish, wearing three-quarts, no make-up and keeping a straight face. It’s been a coincidence but each time I see the expression on their faces and the impression my presence left, I chuckle. Trials or not, life has been fair to me and mischief.

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    Nnenna Okeke
    December 27, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    My hair and every *thing I have is mine so it’s up to me to decide what to do with them.

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    Smart Albert
    December 29, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    Each person has the right to opinion s/he heeds to. Nevertheless, Onyenyeanyi kere unu ka unu bulu ntutu. Ihe di nma do nma.

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